Law Firms 


From pre-litigation to settlement, we work with clients involved in court cases, post grant proceedings and administrative hearings to help develop and support the strongest possible litigation strategy. Our experts analyze prior art, draft infringement contentions, review copious source code and technical documents, ghost-draft the substantive prior art technical analysis for your IPR or expert report, appraise opposition expert reports, and provide support for expert witness testimony. PatBak backs your legal team every step of the way through the duration of your patent litigation to provide the technical and patent analytics support you need to evaluate, construct and plead your case.

What our clients (Law Firms) say:


"We settled the case against ****. I do not believe that we would have achieved this result without your help. Many thanks, and I expect we will be reaching out to you again as we identify additional cases for **** to bring"

— Top Patent Litigation Firm, USA

"Making my way through the Annexures, but so far, it looks like you and your team did an AWESOME job!!!"

— Top Patent Firm, USA

"PatBak was great. They brought in a couple of code reviewers who sat down and went through ****’s, ****’s, and ****’s code in great detail, and provided an excellent analysis that we used to help settle the case. PatBak was instrumental in our getting an expedited resolution to this case. They have done several projects for us with excellence but they truly hit it out of the park with this one"

— Top Patent Litigation Firm, USA

Technical Experts 


For Plaintiffs:

Expert reports can "make or break" the case and are often very time consuming. Using PatBak's services makes this part of the process much more efficient and affordable. We can ease the workload for experts by performing document review, technical report drafting or source code review for them. We act as testifying experts back office and assist them in the legwork and analysis needed to support their expert reports by gathering and compiling the key infringement evidence identified from the technical documentation and source code review. As the testifying expert’s back office support, we also help them present those facts in his or her report and can in fact ghost-draft the substantive prior art technical analysis for the report.


For Defendants:

Sooner or later defendants are almost always going to need a technical expert (or two), and sooner is generally much better than later. PatBak can start supporting your expert early in the case and do the legwork and analysis to help the expert identify and articulate non-infringement and/or invalidity theories, thus helping to shape the defense and discovery strategy from the very beginning. PatBak can act as your testifying technical expert’s back office through the litigation life cycle.  As the testifying expert’s back office support, that can mean down to down to helping the technical expert present the key non-infringement facts identified from the technical documentation into his or her report.

What our clients (Technical Experts) say:

"It has been a pleasure meeting your team - they are very professional and talented"

— Professor of Computer Science, The University of Tulsa

"Sandy et al, the team has started to make and upload some videos. The first two are excellent" and " Sandy, you really need to see these! They are great! Labeled exhibit 7A, 7B, 8A, 8B, in Dropbox. Nice Work!"

— PhD and Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of South Alabama



In today’s competitive market, intellectual property is a crucial asset type used by industry players to meet their business objectives. This is especially the case in high technology and scientific industries. Strategizing on how to best leverage such highly technical assets requires a thorough understanding of the science or technology behind them. It also demands experience in analyzing IP/patents from a variety of perspectives to provide an accurate landscape and specific answers to specific questions like: what is the likelihood that I will I get sued for patent infringement if I make this exact product?

We help our vanguard clients understand & evaluate how to best monetize and defend their intellectual property. Our fusion of experts, methods and science help our clients make confident IP decisions while sticking to budgets and deadlines.

Whether you are pursuing patent licensing, assertion, aggregation, or market defense, our highly experienced technology and science experts can help with short or extensive technical patent analyses and valuations as well as arm you with the in-depth knowledge you need to make savvy business capital decisions regarding where your R&D can best be directed. Having analyzed thousands of patents for their technical merits, they have the knowledge and background to be trusted with your patent analytics business needs.

What our clients (Corporations) say:


“We were really impressed with the thoroughness and level of detail of the freedom-to-operate analysis. And the way it was reported was logical, organized, and concise. Your team uncovered information that we would have never found or considered.”

— Early-stage Life Sciences Development Group Focused on Commercializing Innovation Developed in the Texas Medical Center Institutions, Houston, TX