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 Our Story 


PatBak was founded by a patent litigator, who in his over 20 years of litigating patents found the need for a consistent, solid and truly skillful team of technical experts backing him up in his litigation. It is not that this wasn’t available in the market…it was…but not without breaking the bank.

This patent attorney put together a team of super sharp, well educated, experienced engineers, scientists, computer technologists and more, personally trained them in patent litigation technical analytics, added a stable of testifying expert witnesses and legal eagles and is now offering them up to other patent litigators for a price that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

As a patent litigator, he found it especially hard to get a quality source code review to support his infringement cases. In part, that challenge is finding good, thorough source code reviewers to spend a big enough contiguous chunk of time to do the necessary deep dive to analyze and chart the infringement, and without killing the budget. So he put together his own team of source code reviewers that he has personally trained in patent litigation technical analytics. He now leases his staff out to others who have the same needs. Firms use us when they want to bring their infringement case and technical expert fees down. We recently had two of our team spend two months in source code review. Before the service of the formal supplemental infringement contentions, our team’s analysis had been used to settle the case. Not to mention the intense optics to the other side when you have source code reviewers at the defendant’s attorneys’ offices day in and day out, five days a week, for an entire month. All for a cost that the client firm loved.

From patent litigation technical analytics, it was not a far stretch to corporate patent analytics. Companies use us to help evaluate, monetize and protect their intellectual property. From freedom to operate analyses before launching a new technology, to patent landscapes for maintaining a competitive edge, to patent invalidity searches as your first line of defense in a patent infringement allegation, our blend of science and legal expertise helps our clients make a full range of IP business decisions. We help you to optimize your intellectual property assets.


Management And Consulting Team 


Patent Litigator


Sandy Seth 

Sandeep (Sandy) Seth created PatBak to address issues and concerns he developed over 25 years of litigating patents. In particular, Sandy saw gross inefficiencies in the process surrounding how technical experts were deployed and used to support infringement reads and invalidity rebuttals , and vice versa. He founded PatBak according to his unique vision regarding how the process could be streamlined to get to better results more cost effectively by bringing into the equation experienced, skilled and consistently high-performing teams of technical analysts to work throughout the entire litigation life cycle to bring the best results at a cost that is palpable for clients. Sandy is a member of the California and Texas bars and is registered to practice before the USTPO, various U.S. District Courts, the Federal Circuit and the U.S. Supreme Court. Sandy used his Bachelors of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering before becoming a lawyer as Hardware Test Engineering for Martin Marietta on the Hubble Space Telescope and as a Software Test Engineer for NASA's Inertial Upper Stage Transorbital vehicle.

Sandy has represented parties nationwide in the enforcement and defense of patents in multi-million dollar disputes involving Fortune 500 companies, has gone toe to toe against boutique specialized patent litigation firms, and has faced opposing counsel at the highest levels and won.

Sandy is active in the Houston community, and especially in Bellaire, where he resides with his wife of 23 years, Holly, and his son Vikram and daughter Hasanthi. Sandy has been a Scoutmaster of a Boy Scout troop for the past 4 years, a member of multiple committees in the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, a Hindi language teacher at the Hindu organization Chinmaya Mission, and an organizer of several charity events, such as "Arms for Katy". Sandy is also an avid poker player and reader of Sci-Fi.


Patent Litigation Paralegal

Director of Client Relations

Anita Lal 

Anita's goal at PatBak is simple....to provide every patent litigator in the industry access to an accomplished, experienced, well-trained, efficient team of patent technical researchers and analysts that they can lean on and trust from the pre-litigation stage all the way through resolution, at a cost that is as pleasing as the quality of the work. Anita's outreach efforts include active participation and sponsorship in conferences, trade shows, networking events (happy hours being a company favorite), industry organizations and associations, and good old personal touches. Don't be surprised if you hear from Anita by phone or in person, in addition to email. She still believes in the power of the human voice.

Anita Lal joined PatBak with a vision towards providing a human touch in the highly technical world of patent litigation technical support, technical expert consulting and technical expert support, and patent analytics. With an extensive background in client services, sales, marketing, and counseling, Anita brings her own style of communication and her magical ability to quickly determine what a client needs or would benefit from, sometimes before they realize it themselves. Anita has been fortunate enough to have a rich and diverse career over the past 25 years. Her personal touch has guided her success through multiple exciting fields - the emotional world of psychological counseling, the turbulent domain of finance, the glamorous universe of the music business, the competitive industry of branding, and now the intense arena of patent law.

When Anita is not making the lives of patent litigators easier, she can be found enjoying a live performance by one of Houston's local original bands, playing competitive trivia, or hanging out just about anywhere with a cup of coffee, alternately reading and people watching.


Technical Team 

Our technical team is ambitious, driven and dedicated to PatBak’s mission and “Quality Above All” philosophy. Service is the hallmark of our corporate offering, and our technical team works tirelessly to provide the very best professional and personal attention to patent attorneys looking for patent litigation technical support, technical expert consulting and technical expert support as well as corporate business people looking for patent analytics. The technical team delivers all of our client projects, so technical analysts work closely with clients, helping and supporting them throughout the litigation life cycle.

Folks at PatBak have worked as engineers, scientists, computer technologists, professors, legal eagles, and countless other professions. Not only are we super dedicated to giving the best patent litigation support, technical expert consulting and technical expert support and patent analytics experience ever, but we’re also a pretty cool bunch. We are proud of our athletes and geeks, our chefs and foodies, our readers and movie buffs, our trivia nerds and gamers, our air drummers and poker players, and our beloved overgrown Boy Scout.

Our diverse technical team is the heart of our company.